Crisol Restaurant & Lounge – Sharjah

Entrance to Crisol Restaurant, Sharjah
Crisol – interiors

Sharjah is just a hand shake away from Dubai but yet the traffic makes driving to sharjah a long story. I would never expect myself driving to sharjah just to eat food as there is nothing that you can’t find in Dubai. But seriously there is a gem in Sharjah that you need to know, Crisol is a restaurant that blends ingredients from different culinary traditions to bring you a rich modern cuisine that will surely impress anyone. Right from the presentation to taste it’s a no compromise.

Crisol – interiors
Crisol – interiors
Crisol – interiors
Golden cutleries at Crisol
Crisol – interiors

The moment you step into this restaurant you know it’s different and surprisingly they don’t have a branch in Dubai. Only google maps can guide you to this restaurant if you are not familiar with Sharjah because it’s not in any fancy or prime areas of sharjah. It’s just a part of one of those high rise buildings in sharjah. Everything from head to toe speaks interior design and is dressed to impress which includes lighting, chairs, tables. It’s one of those restaurants you expect to see in JBR or City walk Dubai.

Mojito and Margarita – AED 32
Honey comb milk shake – AED 36

Drinks can’t get prettier and the volume of these drinks is a lot but mind you the price for these drinks are on the higher side as well. The honey comb milk shake was just not honey, there was a high dose of toffee that you could feel in the drink. So if you normally skip caramel in your diet you might be a little disappointed tasting toffee in this milkshake. The colorful Mojitos and Margharitas were lovely in taste irrespective which one you order. The passion fruit Mojito was my favourite here.

Water melon salad – AED 39

The water melon salad was a bit too little. Very fancy but wish I could have a bit more of the salad. More of an artwork than a full fledged salad.

Trash Can Nachos – AED 35 – loaded nachos with special sauce combination & Pico de Galo
Rocket Shrimps – AED 36 – hot crispy shrimp, root vegetable crispis, rice noodles, special rocket sauce

Then came their eye popping appetizers which was one of a kind. Kudos to the chef on coming out with just a wonderful combination that makes Nachos taste good like never before. This one’s a must try here. The rocket shrimps was an overload with vegetables crisp and noodles which was was more like searching for these shrimps in a junk of vegetables. The shrimps would remind of the dymanite shrimps that we had at P. F. Changs but the presentation here is on a different level.

Texas Fried Chicken – AED 30
Sliders – AED 36
Sliders – AED 36

I was in love with the buns of these sliders, felt natural about it and comes colorful. I would recommend you go for their beef slider instead of chicken. The Texas fried chicken was as expected crispy and a nice touch of spice to it.

Barbecued black cod
Seafood Paella – AED 89 – spanish saffron rice with assorte seafood

To be honest, the paella was the only dish that actually didn’t turn out as expected, we thought they could do better with Paella. I mean we love Spanish Paellas and from that perspective I thought it was lacking that flare. The Barbecued black cod which was a special of the day was magnificent. Also that home made sauce that came along with the fish was brilliant which made it an irresistible combination.

Dessert – Trio baked yoghurt
Dessert – Crisol hit – AED 43
Dessert – Crisol hit – AED 43

Of course with such fancy appetizers and mains they definitely had exciting desserts in their menu. Crisol hit, is their number 1 seller from their dessert section. I believe the presentation and experience is the key for Crisol hit to be a hit! A very handy treat for special occasions with young ones. Trio baked yoghurt was a new one in their menu which didn’t have a price yet set for it. It was yoghurt with 3 different flavours and my favourite would be the one that had the saffron in it. All said I highly recommend you visit this restaurant if you were in Sharjah. It’s worth an experience.

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