Pollo Caprese – Dhs 51, Romanos Macaroni Grill Dubai mall

Pollo Caprese – Dhs 54
 If someone’s visiting Romanos Macaroni Grill try to avoid this one. After trying most of their pastas I thought of ordering something totally different and it turned out to be Pollo Caprese.
Pollo Caprese – Juicy chicken simply grilled with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon. Served with Capellini pomodoro and buffalo mozzarella. 
The presentation was great but I enjoyed the least. Capellini pomodora tasted too much of tomato. Grilled chicken was not well done to me and lacked flavour. Atleast not the standards we have been expecting from Romanos Macroni. If you are visiting Romanos for the first time i would recommend you to try their mushroom ravioli. scroll down to read further…
Complimentary warm herb Bread and Olive oil
Whenever i visit Romanos Macaroni Grill the one thing i look forward to is their big warm herb baked bread along with its accompanying olive oil(add some pepper and salt), that they treat you when you place any main course order. Dip that bread into that olive oil and have it….yum!
Pollo Caprese – Dhs 54
So i really wasn’t enjoy my dinner and most often i would poke onto her plate :). Below is what my wife ordered, chicken Cannelloni. 
Chicken Cannelloni – Hand – Rolled Pasta Stuffed with Oven-Roasted Chicken, Melted Cheese and Spinach, then Baked in Asiago Cream Sauce. Topped with Tomato Sauce.
Chicken Cannelloni was good. It could atleast deliver the least expectation from Romanos Macaroni. I wanted to share with you more of Chicken Cannelloni photos specially the part where this dish below is cut into half and you see the stuffing inside it but that’s when my Camera’s battery gave up(probably it got hungry too). Sorry Guyz, will come more prepared next time 🙂
Chicken Cannelloni – Dhs 51
Kids menu at Dhs 18 was value for money i thought. It was 3 pieces of chicken along with ketchup, sweet butter lemon sauce, french fries, juice of your choice followed by a vanilla ice cream from baskins. My fork was on my son’s plate too :). Chicken was tender and better than what i had on my plate :(. 
Kids menu – Dhs 18

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