Society Café & Lounge – Jumeirah Dubai

Patisseries on sale at Society Cafe & Lounge
Patisseries on sale at Society Cafe & Lounge
Patisseries on sale at Society Cafe & Lounge

A beautiful cafe that you just wouldn’t want to get up and go. Society cafe has been one of those favorite spots for instagrammers to post some of the most beautiful looking dishes especially their breakfast menu. Today we were here for lunch and so are going to see some of those lovely pictures of their lunch and know what it’s like.

Society Cafe & Lounge – Interiors
Society Cafe & Lounge – Interiors
Society Cafe & Lounge – Interiors
Society Cafe & Lounge – Interiors
Society Cafe & Lounge – Interiors

The moment you step into the airy cafe, you are alluded by their freshly baked in house sweet pastries just as the croissants, brownies, cakes. The second thing you would notice is the wide, spacious cafe with natural light flowing into the cafe. An interior filled with plants all around the cafe gives you the feeling sitting in nature and also creates a healthy atmosphere for diners.

Mango Colada – AED 25 – Combination of fresh mangoes & pineapple with organic coconut milk
Coconut & Vanilla Almond Bubble pearl – AED 25
From left: Passion cooler AED 25 and Blueberry & Peach Mojito AED 27
Me enjoying the ambience at Society Cafe & Lounge

We were fortunate to have a chance to try many of their signature drinks. I highly recommend to try any of their bubble pearl menu, I loved my coconut and vanilla almond bubble pearl. The Passion cooler was really good. The most prettiest drink from their menu which was the mango colada tasted more mango than anything else. We couldn’t really feel any of the coconut milk or the pineapple mentioned in the description for mango colada.

Salad – AED 82 – Tandoori Salmon, leafy greens, honey roast pumpkin, orange segments, farro grains, smoked almond butter, pomegranate
Mushroom croquettes – AED 45 – with truffle aioli, grated pecorino, pink pepper

The crispy fried mushroom croquettes was a real treat, it’s amazing especially when you dip into that truffle aioli. By the way, It’s not just mushroom there’s lot of potato in the mix for the mushroom croquette. The salad loaded with chunks of tandoori salmon was different and delicious. Notice how the smoked almond butter is coated on tip of the plate, adding style to the healthy salad.

Wagyu Beef Burger – AED 80 – with melted gruyere, crispy onions, wild arugula, truffle aioli

The Wagyu beef burger is a must try. The buttered brioche bun used for this burger is just amazing, It’s that kind of a burger where you are able to appreciate the bun as much as the patty and it’s mouthful as you can see! The fries that came along with the burger is very natural and a good company to the burger along with truffle aioli.

Chipotle Chicken bowl – AED 72 – with lime, quinoa, black beans, sweet corn, jalapeno, cabbage, pickle

The chicken bowl was quite an interesting one which loads of heathy components that make this a bowl of goodness. A lovely slice of avocado came to my first notice with a dash of spice sprinkled on top, under the vegetables you find the grilled chicken which had a delicious flavor to it. The marination on it was just perfect. The chipotle chicken bow can’t disappoint anyone.

Sticky date pudding – AED 39 – with vanilla ice cream, warm caramel sauce
Umm Ali, baked in croissant Brioche – AED 59

For desserts we were impressed with the sticky date pudding. It was sticky like it’s name and the warm caramel sauce combined with cold ice cream made it an irresistible treat. As a French toast lover, I had high expectations from the umm Ali baked croissant brioche but in reality it turned out very different. The so called umm ali on top of the brioche was more of a custard on top and the brioche was dry which was totally opposite to the French toast brioche.

Spanish Latte – AED 25 – Double espresso shot, textured milk, condensed milk and caramel drizzle
campfire hot chocolate – AED 28 – Artisan melted chocolate, hot milk with handcrafted marshmallows

We ended our meal with a cold coffee and the hot chocolate. The beautiful looking Spanish latte was enjoyable and loved every sip of the coffee. I felt the hot chocolate should have been more thicker, even though it said melted chocolate it reminded me of powder chocolate and the marshmallows didn’t seem to be made in house but rather than those you find in super markets.

Click here to visit their official website. Click pictures to see them in full screen view:

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  1. Hi Rubeen,

    The ambience look quite & peaceful more over its very spacious guess it a perfect joint for family & friends where you can spend some quality time
    D&D (Drinks & Deserts) looks very tempting & the price too is suiting our pocket 🙂
    Planning to visit this very soon

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