Qube Cafe Resto – Mohd. Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown

Entrance to Qube Cafe Restro
Entrance to Qube Cafe Restro
Me with Qube Cafe Resto Team
Me with Qube Cafe Resto Team

The last time I came this road was to House of Curry. This time it’s Qube Resto & cafe. The restaurant had an iconic look from the outside surrounded by huge glass. The outdoor seatings were filled by diners who were having a sheesha. Infact 90% of the outdoor tables were filled by sheesha enthusiasts. We opted to sit inside the cafe which was much cooler than the afternoon which is getting warmer day by day. The seatings were different and comfortable. They try to make you feel at home. Every part of the restaurant had large LCDs which had sports channels running. Sit outside or inside you have a good view of the television always.

Qube Resto & Cafe - interiors - feel at home
Qube Resto & Cafe – interiors – feel at home
Qube Resto & Cafe - interiors
Qube Resto & Cafe – interiors
Qube Resto & Cafe - interiors
Qube Resto & Cafe – interiors

There is a big plus to those who sat out at Qube Cafe Resto which is they got to enjoy the great views of the Downtown buildings. You could stare at Burj Khalifa and have your complete meal. Today the crowd at Qube Cafe were mainly arabs and most of them enjoying their sheesha while they sip a drink and some hot appetizers. I thought they served only Lebanese cuisine but their menu had a bit more than that, serving international cuisine. They had a very relaxed environment and try to make you feel at home. Somehow I was initially trying to link this with Cafe Blanc, not sure why.

Wared, mango frappe, moonlight
Drinks – Wared, mango frappe, moonlight

Wared drink(That’s rose in color) is a must try. If you are here you better not miss this drink. Very authentic and rejuvenating. For me after trying wared both other drinks Mango frappe and Moonlight cold coffee tasted ordinary.

Mexican Chicken Salad - Dhs 40
Mexican Chicken Salad – Dhs 40
Quinao Tabbouleh - Dhs 32
Quinao Tabbouleh – Dhs 32
Mexican Chicken Salad - Dhs 40
Mexican Chicken Salad – Dhs 40

Quninao Tabbouleh – Traditional tabbouleh replacing bulgur with quinoa. This is not a regular tabbouleh you see everywhere. I picked this salad from their special menu which was tailored for those trying to live a healthier life. In the healthy menu page they highlight one item like say oats or in this case quinoa and then tell you the health benefits of it. In the case of Quinoa it is a protein rich food with almost twice in fiber than most other grains. Loaded with vitamins and minerals. Then you are shown options of dishes made around those items. Quinoa tabbouleh carried 3gms of Fat, 80 calories, 11gm of carbs and 3gm of proteins.

Mexican Chicken Salad – Mesclun, cherry tomato, chilly suffed olives, sweet corn, avocado, green pepper, cheddar cheese, tortillas bread and grilled chicken, served with honey lemon chilli dressing. There’s quite a bit of ingredients to make you happy when eating the mexican chicken salad. More than chicken it’s the nachos and cheddar cheese that get you moving. Those chilli stuffed olives were also my target in this salad.

Warak Enab - Dhs 26
Warak Enab – Dhs 26
Grilled Nabulsi Cheese - Dhs 30
Grilled Nabulsi Cheese – Dhs 30
Fatayer Bakle - Dhs 28
Fatayer Bakle – Dhs 28
My plate of appetizers
My plate of appetizers – inner fillings

Fatayer Bakle was my little ones favourite. It was mainly spinach and pine nuts. Warak enab was my wife’s favourite. Each piece of the grilled nabulsi cheese was so big in size that your hunger for goat cheese should get over from here.

Mixed Grilled Platter - Dhs 62
Mixed Grilled Platter – Dhs 62
Salmon and Spinach Pillow - Dhs 98
Salmon and Spinach Pillow – Dhs 98
Labheh bil Toum - Dhs 24
Labneh bil Toum – Dhs 24

Besides their regular menu. They do have a menu tailored to those who are calorie conscious. Telling how much of calories, fats, carbs and proteins you are going to gain.

Mixed Grill Platter: A combination of chicken taouk, meat and kebab served with grilled vegetables, a dip of hommos, garlic dip and french fries.

Salmon and Spinach Pillow: Grilled Salmon pillowed on oven baked marrow and spinach served with teriyaki sauce. This dish had calories 280, fat 13gm, carbs 26gm, proteins 17gm.

All the meats on the mixed grilled platter were fantastic. Well cooked, soft and had a nice flavour to it. To be honest when I tasted the chicken in their salad I was a little hesitant but they have very well impressed me here. Salmon was descent and was quite filling. The only disappointing factor was there were no HOT breads available.

Labneh bil Toum was thick and rich. I’d say it’s one of the top labneh I’ve had and they give you a lot of it 🙂


Special issmaliyeh - Dhs 32
Special issmaliyeh – Dhs 32
Ghazel El Ashta wil 3assal - Dhs 30
Ghazel El Ashta wil 3assal – Dhs 30
Halewe Fondant - Dhs 32
Halewe Fondant – Dhs 32

Their desserts are a mesmerizer. We tried 3 of them and all of them tasted very special. Special Issmaliyeh is one of their most famous dessert. You see them advertised all over social media so I ensured to try it. The frozen cream slab that’s sandwiched between the golden skin was an icecream to me and together with crunchy skin it was fab. What they told me is that make the cream in house and then they freeze it. But the taste of it was pretty close to the icecream that came along with Halewe fondant.

Halewa fondant was one of the very kind dessert you would like to most often. You just don’t feel like you are eating too much of sweet. Like if it was a chocolate fondant you would see that hot chocolate flowing out and everytime you eat a spoon you eat with guilt. Halewa fondant was with a twist where instead of chocolate it was some other else which was sweet but less sweet. And so the icecream that comes along with it makes it a great match. and how can i forget those bananas with special toppings that was made the ride on this dessert even more thrilling.

Ghazel El Ashta wil 3assal had it’s bottom made of cornflakes. For me to the top half of it was my favourite which was the classic white cotton candy sitting on that thick lebanese cream(ashta).

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