Constellation Ballroom – The Address Dubai Marina – AED 220 – Iftar 2017

Iftar at Constellation Ballroom at Address Dubai Marina
Arabic drinks such as Tamarind, Jalab freshly served

It’s that time of the year when buffets run at it’s best. Thanks to fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, Restaurants and Hotels take utmost effort in serving you indulgent Iftar buffets. The Address Dubai Marina is where I tried my first iftar mock up which was a generous spread of Arabic and International delicacies. LIVE oud players and other traditional gestures gives it an authentic Arabesque Iftar experience.

LIVE oud player – Constellation Ballroom at Address Dubai Marina
Constellation Ballroom at Address Dubai Marina

The Iftar happens at a spacious ballroom in The Address Dubai Marina with Oud music being played in the background. The lights are a little dim and you might not see the real color of your food once you enter the ballroom. Cold Arabic drinks such as Tamarind, Jallab is poured to your table the traditional Turkish way. These drinks are also worth a mention as they have been tasty and a definite thirst quencher.

Saj filled with cheese and zaater
Hot Arabic Mezzeh

There is a wide spread of hot appetizers. If you are like me who love hot arabic mezzeh then you are going to love this buffet. They had all the well known ones covered and well prepared. The freshly made Saj were crispy and nice. Fatayers with different kinds of stuffing were soft and irresistible.

Live cooking station
dim sum

LIVE stations are a highlight at their Iftar buffet. The actively busy one was the noodle station. There were snacks from the Asian part of the world like the dim sums which was a pleasant treat. There is no Arabian themed Iftar without a shawarma stand and so they have one too.

Live desert station
Arabic Salad
Arabic cold starters
Cold Arabic Mezzeh

When it came to the cold mezzeh, there were plenty. I probably had most of my iftar from this category. A fine lavish spread of healthy ingredients and they are pretty with plenty of color. Quality Muhammara, Mouthabal, beetroot Muthabal, Hummus that you appreciate and can tell that you are at an authentic Arabic buffet.

Freshly cut meat
Meat Grills
Iftar Mains

Lamb Ouzis are not to be forgotten. There were a collection of Arabic Grills. You also had plenty of curries and rice as choice.

Arabic Desserts
Arabic Desserts
Cheese kunafa

The dessert stall was grand.  The Arabic desserts were well made, you would find all that you need and cannot be disappointed. You would also find traditional Emarati desserts such as luqaimat.


There were plenty of English desserts as well. Some of the patisseries  were truly unique and luscious. It makes me mouth water when I think about the rich chocolate cake. So at the end it was a fairly tale ending to our Iftar at The Address Dubai Marina. The buffet is open from sunset to 9pm. Click here to visit the official website. Click pictures below to see them in full screen view:


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