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Here’s a restaurant that serves authentic Palestinian food. Ingredients are freshly imported from Palestine and what you get here is just the way it’s made back at home. Most of often the dishes are baked from their wood fired stone oven with natural ingredients stuffed inside looking colorful and enticing as ever.

Mama’esh interiors
Mama’esh interiors
Mama’esh interiors
Mama’esh interiors
Mama’esh interiors
Mama’esh interiors
Mama’esh Outdoor seating

This homely restaurant is unfortunately not in a place that you can easily spot on your way. The interiors are rustic. They’ve done a wonderful job of giving you the feel of their heritage. The restaurant has a small space on the inside, it’s much spacious to be eating outside with views of Downtown. The weather now in Dubai gives you all more reason sitting outside the restaurant. Also note Parking will cost you 10 AED per hour.

Palestinian Olive oil
Complimentary salad
Drinks – From left – Iced Hibiscus(AED 10) and Fresh lemon Mint Juice (AED 13)

We tried their two freshly prepared drinks and both of them were very different from each other. The Fresh lemon mint juice was sweet and a thirst quencher but the Iced hibiscus is different. Iced hibiscus should be more suitable to individuals who look forward to just healthy drinks than taste. Hibiscus in general is good for the human blood etc.

Palestinian Freekah Chicken Soup – AED 15
Ghazzawi Daggah Salad – AED 19

The soup was very different and I guess very traditional to them. It felt very healthy but was more bland in taste. Interestingly, the salad was more of a dipper. When I ordered the salad I thought I had to use the fork. Nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed it along with those hot breads. Also note if you generally don’t like tomatoes than this salad might not be the one for you.

Hummus with Meat – AED 29

Hummus with meat was an attention seeker on our table. The prettiest dip on our table and hummus that was first class in taste. The hot meat on top made it even better. For breads you also have the option to opt for their brown bread instead of white.

Fatayers From aed 16 onwards
Fatayers From aed 16 onwards
Chilli Minced meat and cheese Fatayer – AED 20

Fatayers are their signature dishes. You just can’t leave this place without trying one of their Fatayers. I highly recommend you to try their Chilli Minced meat & cheese Fatayer which is one of their best sellers and a mouth watering Arabic treat. They come hot, soft and fluffy which is a melt in the mouth and had a intense flavour to it.  The other one is Muhammara and cheese which was more spicy.

Mana’esh(flatbreads) From left: Kofta cheese AED 20 and Pomegranate Minced Meat AED 16

The flad breads were as expected but I would say the pomegranate minced meat was the better one. A little different in taste as well from the typical flat breads. There is also a strong taste of the sauce they use in the pomegranate minced meat flat breads which not be a liking to some.

Palestinian Musakhan chicken rolls with yoghurt – AED 29

The traditional Palestine dish which is the Musakhan chicken rolls was my next favourite after the Fatayers. Heavily stuffed with lots of chicken and onions. The yoghurt companion helps in elevating the experience of the Musakhan chicken rolls.

Oven baked Umm Ali – 13
Rice Pudding - AED 16
Rice Pudding – AED 16

The oven baked Umma Ali is one of their favourite desserts for diners, simple because it comes freshly baked from the oven. The pretty rice pudding was over powered by coconut and I would honestly say I still prefer the rice pudding that I find in Lebanese restaurants.

Turkish Coffee – AED 10
Turkish Coffee – AED 10
Dates Biscuit
Karak tea – AED 8
Me sipping Karak Chai
Take away box at Mama’esh

So we ended our fine lunch at MAMA’ESH with hot drinks such as turkish coffee and Karak tea. Both of them were made to perfection. I was surprised they made such a wonderful karak tea which is a trend in Dubai and not all restaurants get it right. We also loved their take away boxes. Click here to see instagram profile of MAMA’ESH. Click pictures below to see them in full screen view:

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  1. Thank you so much Rubeen for your visit to MAMA’ESH with your lovely family , thanks also for the genuine, comprehensive and positive review.

    Rubeen, we love the way you have described your experience in MAMA’ESH and we promise you to do work always hard with our hearts to meet your and our customers’ expectation. Thanks once again Rubeen have a lovely day !

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