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Gazebo has been one of our favorite Indian restaurants in Dubai. It’s one of those restaurants where you can take your guests blindly and be assured they will come out satisfied. For years we’ve been eating at Gazebo. The Gazebo located at Bin Sougat is my favorite branch. They’ve been slowly expanding in Dubai and the latest store was recently inaugurated at Business Bay.

Gazebo Interiors
Gazebo Interiors
Gazebo Interiors

Interiors at Gazebo Bin Sougat is a little different from their other branches. Wherever you sit you will have your privacy while dining. With lot of partitions per table you might feel the restaurant a little tight in space. They also have private spaces covered by curtains with views of the Airport road and an electronic bell whenever you want to alert the waiter.

Complimentary at pickles and papas
Drinks (From left) – Mango Lassi(AED 16), coconut water with mint and honey(AED 13), Fruit punch Cocktail(AED 20) and Kesar Falooda(AED 20)
Soups – Lamb Soup(AED 14) and Lentil Soup(AED 13)

From all the 4 drinks we tried the fruit punch cocktail was superb. More like a fruity milk shake. The Mango lassi and coconut water were typical. The kesar falooda drink was honestly disappointing. Being an Indian restaurant, they definitely need to improve this drink when I compare them with other outlets..

For the soups just go for the Lentil soup, a perfect companion for this weather as well as it tasted great.  Their lamb soup is not for everyone, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the lentil soup.

AFGHANI MURGH – (Half portion AED 27.00) –
Classic grilled chicken marinated in traditional spices, cream and yoghurt.
LASOONI PANEER TIKKA – AED 28 – Cubes of malai paneer marinated with yoghurt, garam masala, delicately falvoured with garlic, chargrilled
KESRI MURGH TIKKA – AED 32 – Boneless chunks of chicken marinated in delicately flavoured saffron yoghurt chargrilled to perfection.
AATISH – E – JHINGA – AED 63 – Jumbo prawns marinated in chef’s special masala. Chargrilled served on a sizzler.

The best part of Gazebo for me was always their irresistible grills. The best of non veg taste comes out of their well marinated and char grilled meats. We often have their chicken tikka & lasooni kebabs(best for kids), this time we tried the Kesri murgh tikka which again mesmerized us. The Aatish-E-Jhinga were mouth watering and vanished quickly from the plate, thought the quantity was a little less for the price. The Afghani murgh with bone was lovely and you wouldn’t stop biting on it until until there was no meat left on it. The Lasooni Paneer was too bland in taste and you couldn’t taste any flavor from it but the paneer. I would recommend to go with the Paneer Tikka instead. Usually we enjoy the lasooni kebabs, I guess the meat came with it’s own flavor but lasooni seems to be not a suitable formula for the paneer.

RAAN-E-SIKANDARI – AED 85 – Leg of tender lamb is marinated in ginger, garlic, garam masala, curd, lime juice and chilli powder, kept overnight. and cooked in a slow process in an oven

Everyone on the table was surely raving about one plate which was the heavy weight Raan – E- sikandari. The lamb was well cooked and so tender that it would just melt in the mouth. The marination on it just made the lamb so juicy and the Indian masala spice on it was so tantalizing that you would just keep  going for more.

DAL-E-KHAAS – AED 23 – Patiently cooked whole urad lentils with tomatoes, and home churned butter
MURGH TIKKA MASALA – AED 40 – Tantalizing grilled chicken tikka pieces simmered in mildly spiced tomato gravy.

One of our frequently ordered curry from Gazebo is usually the murgh tikka masala which didn’t disappoint as always. Infact I sometimes feel the chicken in these curries are more tender. The black dal curry(Dal-e-khaas) is one of the favorites here for vegetarians and most frequently ordered item.

GOSHT NALLI BIRYANI – AED 42 – Biryani made out of juicy marrow pieces of lamb cooked with spices and basmati rice on dum in sealed earthen pot.
GOSHT NALLI BIRYANI – AED 42 – Biryani made out of juicy marrow pieces of lamb cooked with spices and basmati rice on dum in sealed earthen pot.
ZAITOONI SALAD – AED 16 – A salad made out of olives, paneer, mushrooms in a yoghurt based dressing

Yes, The biriyanis are not to be forgotten at Gazebo. Our usual favorite is the Lamb biriyanis. One of the unique salads we enjoy here was the zaitooni salad. A lovely thick yoghurt mixed with olives, paneer, mushrooms and honey.

ANGOORI RABDI- AED 13 – Cheese balls cooked in boiling sugar syrup soaked into thickened milk known as rabdi
SHAHI TUKDA – AED 14 – Fried bread triangles soaked with a syrup of milk cooked with sugar, cream and rose water topped with nuts
KULFI FALOODA – AED 16 – Creamy fresh home made ice cream served on a bed of noodles drizzled with rose syrup

Two desserts that you would definitely want to try at Gazebo would be their kulfi falooda and angoori rabdi. The kulfi falooda is actually a very basic falooda with just kulfi and noodles. But they make very good kulfi ice creams that you are just going to love those 4 delicious slabs of kulfi. The angoori rabdi was a wonderful thick dessert that was made very well. Shahi tukda came hot but it was very different from what I expected. If you’ve had original shahi tukda before then this might not be very attractive for you.

But as always we have a wonderful time at Gazebo with Indian food looking at it’s best. Usually lot of locals visit the Bin Sougat branch. Click here to visit their official website where you will also find their official menu. Click pictures to see them in full screen view:

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  1. I was looking forward for some competition on this restaurant. As you mentioned this is one of the favourite place for Indians. among the above my favorite is Dum Biryani & Mango Lassi

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